Ty Dillon makes Spire switch for 2023

Ty Dillon makes Spire switch for 2023

Spire Motorsports will field two full-time drivers next season with Ty Dillon joining the organization to drive the No. 77 Chevrolet.

Dillon arrives after announcing a mutual split with Petty GMS Motorsports earlier this season. He will be a teammate to Corey LaJoie, who will return in the No. 7 Chevrolet with crew chief Ryan Sparks.

Spire has run the Nos. 7 and 77 for two seasons, but the No. 77 has been split amongst multiple drivers. Dillon will be paired with crew chief Kevin Bellicourt.

“There’s little doubt that we raised some eyebrows when we entered the sport as race team owners,” said Spire Motorsports co-owner Jeff Dickerson. “We knew that we needed to learn how to crawl before we attempted to walk and eventually run. We’ve been quite fortunate to build a strong foundation for Spire Motorsports over the past several years. That’s a testament to the people of Spire and Corey LaJoie, Ryan Sparks and Kevin Bellicourt have been the bedrock of this organization.

“The next step in our progression is to add an equally capable full-time driver for the No. 77 team and we’ve found just that individual in Ty Dillon. Clearly, the path that T.J. and I have taken to be here today has been atypical.

Ty Dillion will switch from the No. 42 to the No. 77 next year (John K Harrelson/Motorsport Images)

“We have great respect for our contemporaries in the sport, and we are humbled to be among them. Collectively, we’ve been fortunate to serve a lot of functions and roles in racing over the past 20 years. That allows us to have a great appreciation and perspective of what it takes to be successful in this super-competitive environment. We’re very proud of what every member of the organization has helped us build.”

The 2023 season will be Dillon’s sixth full season in the NASCAR Cup Series. Dillon said he had very good offers in all three national series but did not want to leave the top level. He was attracted to the honesty and realistic conversations he had with Spire Motorsports.

“I’m thankful for this opportunity, a new beginning with a very hungry team that is excited for the future,” said Dillon. “Spire Motorsports has been growing year after year, when you look at the way that Corey and the No. 7 team has developed to be competitive.

“The organization is heading in the right direction, and I’m excited to be a part of bringing the No. 77 up to where Corey has been running. Hopefully, we raise the whole level of competition together.

“I’m excited to be a teammate. To me, as a team, high tides raise all ships and I want to be a part of all of us being successful. One person doesn’t have to fail for the other to be successful, and I’m looking forward to us, as Spire Motorsports, growing and bringing the program to new heights.”