Tributes flow for IndyCar writer Robin Miller

Tributes flow for IndyCar writer Robin Miller

The motorsport world has rushed to pay tribute to long-time IndyCar writer and cherished RACER contributor Robin Miller, who died this morning after a long illness.

They broke the mold when they made Robin Miller. A lot of people didn’t understand Robin, and I didn’t either when I first met him. And then I come to find out he knew what the hell he was doing. Robin was one of the best writers there was, and he really called a spade a spade, and that’s what I respected about him.

I got to know him quite well, and I’m glad I did. He was a great friend. I don’t think there was another guy that loved racing as much as he did. The fact that he drove midgets and he knew what a race car was like, I think helped him be a great writer too. He knew what it took.

I’m awful glad I went to Indy to see him. We had lunch together and I stayed for the race, but I mainly went up there to see him. We had a good time talking about the old days. I know he suffered pretty hard the last two years, but man he was tough. He’s better off now, but I sure will miss him.


With Robin’s passing, so goes a man with an unbridled passion for motorsports. His perspective as a driver led to his inimitable career as a print and television journalist. Never one to shy away from the harsh truth, Robin cared deeply for the betterment of our sport and every driver from the grassroots level to the pinnacle of competition. That’s what he lived for. He was a racer through and through and a wonderful and respected friend to all of us.


Racing has lost one of its most well-respected journalists and most beloved personalities. Robin Miller achieved his dream as his lifelong passion for Motorsports led him on a path to becoming the premier reporter in open-wheel racing. For more than 50 years, Robin covered the sport he loved with a fierce drive, a great sense of humor and uncompromising honesty. I know that Robin was truly touched by the support he received across the motorsports community over these last few months as he battled his illness. As many of Robin’s friends honored him and his legacy earlier this month when he was inducted into the Motorsports Hall of Fame during Brickyard weekend at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, it was a fitting tribute to his life’s work at the place that meant the world to him.


It is a sad day for motorsports when you lose a racing icon like Robin Miller. The sport of Indy car racing was far better having Robin cover it. Nobody worked harder at covering the sport than he did and the beauty of Robin was that he told it like it is. He had a completely unvarnished take on everything yet he still worked hard at being fair and balanced. He is right up there with media legends like Chris Economaki and Bob Jenkins. I will sorely miss my friend Robin Miller.