Rosenqvist, AMSP, and others bonding through weekly RC racing

Rosenqvist, AMSP, and others bonding through weekly RC racing

The newest team in the NTT IndyCar Series paddock is named Sido by Sido Racing, but you won’t find them on the entry list for this weekend’s event in Iowa.

You will, however, be able to find Sido by Sido competing on Wednesday nights in Indianapolis at Turf Burners RC Raceway. It’s the new hobby and team-building creation of Arrow McLaren SP driver Felix Rosenqvist and his remote control racing team co-owner Chris Wheeler, spotter for AMSP’s Pato O’Ward.

They’ve taken to bringing along a group of friends, teammates, and IndyCar drivers to enjoy remote controlled racing and get to know each other in ways where visits to the bar, backyard barbecues, or more traditional team-building exercises fall short. It’s racing, and still requires driving and chassis setup skills to succeed, but without the pressure that comes with trying to win IndyCar races and championships.

“When we started our team, I spent a lot of time building my car. I took my time with it. Wheeler didn’t,” a grinning Rosenqvist told RACER. “And then we went to the first event and his car was doing pirouettes while my car was dialed in.”

Sido by Sido Racing RC cars. Chris Wheeler photo

Wheeler made use of AMSP engineering interns to provide some assistance with his ill-handling chassis, but there was only so much the brilliant college kids could do to help Rosenqvist’s RC partner. New AMSP technical director Gavin Ward came along on Wednesday and Juncos Hollinger Racing IndyCar rookie Callum Ilott also joined in the RC fun.

“Yeah, so he invited five engineering interns that are living here in Indy right now,” Rosenqvist added. “I think that was really cool from Wheeler. They only get the go to like one race each; we have one guy here this weekend. Gavin was there, Callum was there, and I think it was cool for them to just kind of hang out and talk, B.S. about racing, RC cars, setups, engineering, roll bars, and stuff like that. I think it was great for them to have that time.”

Sido by Sido will be in action next week with more invitees added to the growing list of participants. Maybe other IndyCar drivers or teams will assemble their own RC squads and join the weekly gathering along with Rosenqvist and Wheeler.

“I think those things are important,” the Swede said. “It’s so easy now with where the series is headed to be like, ‘Get to the track meeting, meeting, practice, debrief, go back home, don’t talk to each other.’ You’re kind of missing some of that hanging out, having a beer; whatever it is. Wheeler makes it fun. He’s always inviting everyone. I think he brings a lot of us together.”