New Jersey House candidate preaches pride for American flag in campaign: 'We're all red, white and blue'

New Jersey House candidate preaches pride for American flag in campaign: 'We're all red, white and blue'

GOP congressional candidate for New Jersey’s ninth district Billy Prempeh is taking a patriotic approach to his campaign, stressing the value of red, white and blue.

Prempeh joined “Fox & Friends Weekend” on Sunday to outline the grounds of his campaign, explaining that being in the military taught him the true symbolism of the American flag.

“When I decided to join the military and fight for the country, I understood that that flag meant more than just red, white and blue on a piece of cloth,” he said. “It actually symbolizes the unification of our nation and the many things our country has gone through up until this point.”

“The one thing that always stays constant with America is we always find a way to come through, we always find a way to come together and persevere,” Prempeh explained. “And that’s why so many countries follow our lead and we need to stand as a beacon of hope for the rest of the world.”

Prempeh’s comments come on the heels of the Black Lives Matter Utah Chapter’s founder calling the American flag ‘a symbol of hatred’ in a fiery 4th of July Facebook post, with co-host Pete Hegseth noting that Prempeh sees it ‘quite differently.’


“It [the flag] shouldn’t become a political symbol,” Prempeh said, explaining his belief the Left is “trying to tear apart this country and divide us.”

Emphasizing his stance as an outlier among his fellow millennials, Prempeh went on to note that the downfall of his generation is their ability to become quickly offended — arguing that the pure privilege of being American should be recognized first and foremost.

“The truth is, we’re always going to be the best nation on the planet.”

Prempeh later mentioned the push to enforce critical race theory into the U.S. military, asserting that our defense should be mainly focused on defending our Constitution and “protecting our allies across the world.” 

While active in the Air Force, Prempeh stated that his race was never a defining factor in his value to the unit, and that the only colors that mattered were the colors of the flag and the green of their uniform.


“When you’re in boot camp, even, everybody’s at the bottom, everybody works their way to the top,” he said. “Those colors unify us all. We’re all green at the end of the day and we’re all red, white and blue. We’re all American.”