Kendrick Perkins, Isiah Thomas blast Draymond Green for recording podcast during NBA Finals: How Warriors star responded after Game 3 loss

Kendrick Perkins, Isiah Thomas blast Draymond Green for recording podcast during NBA Finals: How Warriors star responded after Game 3 loss

“The Draymond Green Show” isn’t going anywhere.

Those were essentially the words of Warriors All-Star forward Draymond Green, who uploaded a podcast titled “Warriors-Celtics NBA Finals Game 3 Reaction: ‘I played terrible'” to The Volume’s YouTube channel just hours after Game 3 of the NBA Finals ended.

Green, whose presence in the media as an active player is both groundbreaking and revolutionary, has continued to record podcasts throughout the 2022 NBA Playoffs, much to the dismay of a number of former players.

After Green fouled out with two points, four rebounds, three assists and two turnovers in a Warriors loss, ESPN’s Kendrick Perkins took to Twitter to offer an observation of Green’s play:

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Two-time NBA champion Isiah Thomas added his take on Green, saying “any time you lose that focus or that concentration, and you’re talking about Cedric Maxwell and you’re talking about podcasts, then you have lost your concentration and focus,” citing Green’s abysmal stat line in Game 3 as the proof.

The discourse surrounding the podcast made its way to the postgame press conference, as Green was asked whether or not he thought his comments could be making their way back to Boston’s staff, which could then make strategic adjustments in response.

“Nah,” Green told Bleacher Report’s Jake Fischer. “I don’t say much different on the podcast that I say to you right here,” before asking Fischer what strategic input he may have gained from listening to the podcast.

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Seemingly peeved, Green repeated Fischer’s question back to him, adding that he “reached” in an attempt to make an issue out of the podcast when nothing could be taken from it.

How Draymond Green responded to critics after Game 3 loss

Green went on to use the final four minutes of his most recent podcast to address critics, referencing Fischer’s question before speaking on “the masses that feel Draymond shouldn’t be doing a podcast during the NBA Finals.”

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“Y’all gon’ get this podcast,” Green said from his hotel room in Boston. “Like I told y’all at the beginning of these playoffs β€” this podcast ain’t going nowhere.

“I’m going to leave the arena, I’m going to return to this hotel room β€” I’m going to return to my home when we’re in San Francisco β€” and I’m going to film this podcast.”

Green then challenged those that said he shouldn’t be podcasting, asking “so, what should I be doing when I get to my room? Should I go to sleep? Should I watch the film of the game? Cause I’m going to be doing that anyway … I wanna know the real answer from people that say ‘Draymond shouldn’t be podcasting.'”

After a poor showing in Game 1, Green took to his podcast to vow that he would be better in Game 2 β€” he was. After another poor showing in Game 3, we’ll see if Green can again answer his own call as the Warriors face a must-win scenario.