Greg Norman slams 'hypocrite' Jack Nicklaus, claims golf legend was in favor of LIV Golf Series

Greg Norman slams 'hypocrite' Jack Nicklaus, claims golf legend was in favor of LIV Golf Series

As the LIV Golf Series gets ready to challenge the longstanding structure of professional golf, Jack Nicklaus has outlined that he remains steadfastly committed to the PGA Tour.

Greg Norman — the public face of the Saudi-backed tour — is questioning whether that is Nicklaus’ true stance.

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In a recent interview with the Washington Post, Norman explained that Nicklaus wasn’t as anti-LIV Golf as it may appear.

“One hundred percent truth? Jack’s a hypocrite,” Norman said. “When he came out with those comments, I’m thinking: Jack must have a short memory.”

The comments that Norman is referencing came just ahead of the PGA Championship. At that time, Nicklaus claimed that he turned down an excess of $100 million from the Saudi-backed tour to join it and help run it twice.

I turned it down. Once verbally, once in writing. I said, ‘Guys, I have to stay with the PGA Tour. I helped start the PGA Tour.’

This claim from Nicklaus is hardly a surprise. He is one of the PGA Tour’s founding fathers, after all, so why wouldn’t he continue to support it?

Well, Norman acknowledged that Nicklaus was still in support of the PGA Tour, but he also claimed the 18-time major champion said that the competition from LIV Golf was a positive.

“Quote-unquote, [Nicklaus] said: ‘This is good for our game. If it’s good for the game of golf, it’s good by me,’” Norman said. “So, you want the facts? You’ve got the facts. Know what you said before you open your mouth.”

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A spokesman for Nicklaus commented on the matter. He said Nicklaus has “unwavering support” for the PGA Tour, but that the 82-year-old also wishes Norman well.

We’ll soon see if Norman succeeds in his role. LIV Golf’s first event will begin on Thursday in London. There are expected to be 48 golfers in the field, including former No. 1 player in the world, Dustin Johnson.