Biden on fast pace for getting federal judges confirmed – but will he match Trump?

Biden on fast pace for getting federal judges confirmed – but will he match Trump?

President Biden on Thursday won Senate confirmation for a seventh nominee to a federal judgeship – putting him on a faster pace than any president in more than a half-century, according to a report.

But whether Biden will match former President Trump over the course of his term remained to be seen.

Trump appointed more than 230 judges during his four years in office, topping three presidents who had served two terms: Obama, Clinton and George W. Bush.

Biden’s successful nomination of Candace Jackson-Akiwumi to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit gave him a tally of two successful appeals court nominations and five successful district court nominations since taking office five months ago, the Huffington Post reported.

That placed Biden ahead of other recent past presidents in appointing Article III judges – those who hold lifetime appointments on the nation’s highest courts, the report said.

The last president to have seven successful nominations to Article III judgeships in his first five months in office was President Richard Nixon, who had that many at this point in 1969, according to the report.

Other recent presidents’ numbers have all been lower: President Trump had gotten just two Article III judges confirmed (although one was Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch), while President Obama, President George W. Bush and President Clinton had gotten zero confirmed, the report said.


President George H.W. Bush had confirmed four, while President Reagan had zero and President Jimmy Carter had four.

The comparison doesn’t apply to President Ford, who took office after Nixon resigned in 1974 and inherited Nixon’s pending nominations, according to the Post.