Aaron Rodgers vs. Charles Barkley golf bet tracker: Will Packers QB's man bun survive the American Century Championship?

Aaron Rodgers vs. Charles Barkley golf bet tracker: Will Packers QB's man bun survive the American Century Championship?

Aaron Rodgers’ infamous man bun is in danger of getting chopped off at the American Century Championship this week — and, naturally, Charles Barkley is at the center of it.

Barkley made a bet with the Packers quarterback ahead of The Match in Las Vegas last month involving a Rodgers-Tom Brady vs. Patrick Mahomes-Josh Allen best ball event. (Rodgers and Brady won).

Rodgers said he would allow Barkley to cut off his man bun if the NBA Hall of Famer finishes higher than him in this year’s three-round tournament. Should Barkley lose, he’ll donate $25,000 to Rodgers’ North Valley Community Foundation, headquartered in his hometown of Chico, Calif.

Barkley ribbed Rodgers’ man bun, saying it only worked for him because he was a good QB. “If you was a plumber or something, it wouldn’t work.”

That’s where the bet was born.

The TNT analyst didn’t stop there. Barkley joked of Rodgers’ hair in a June promotional appearance in Reno, Nev.

“Just because you’re too cheap to cut your hair, you can’t make it a style,” Barkley said. “Man, here’s $25. Go down to Fantastic Sam’s and get that thing cut off the back of your head.”

Just because you don’t cut your hair, that’s not a style. But Aaron’s a much better golfer than me, but I’ll be happy to give a donation to his charity.

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Indeed, Rodgers has not once missed the American Century Championship — a three-round made-for-TV tournament featuring American celebrities and sports figures that uses modified Stableford scoring — since he began his NFL career in 2005. He also has finished in the top 20 of the event each of the last five years.

To compare, Barkley has never finished higher than Rodgers in the event, whose worst finish came in his first appearance, when he finished 58th. Barkley normally hangs out in the bottom five of the field, if not last. The field normally consists of 70-plus golfers, sometimes up into the 90s.

So: Sounds like easy money for Rodgers.

Rodgers vs. Barkley bet tracker

*As of Friday at 4pm ET

Aaron RodgersMan Bun10T1512
Charles Barkley$25k to charity-2T588

Reminder: Scores are not based on a traditional stroke-based format. 

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*Scores are updating